Monday, April 19, 2010

A Troupe of Wildflowers

What a spring! It seems like each time I walk on one of the Arboretum trails, I spot a different wildflower. A bevy of bloodroot, a symphony of spring beauties, a cadre of trillium, a throng of Dutchman's breeches – well, you get the picture! Interested in sharpening your identification skills of these remarkable plants? Want to learn more about the folklore and myths related to these springtime ephemerals? Before or after your walk, stop by the Sterling Morton Library and indulge yourself in one of these resources:

  • Black, Merel R. Wildflowers of Wisconsin and the upper Midwest, 2008.
  • Clemants, Steven Earl. Wildflowers in the field and forest : a field guide to the northeastern United States, 2006.
  • Coffey, Timothy. The history and folklore of North American wildflowers, 1993.
  • Ladd, Douglas M. North Woods wildflowers: a field guide to wildflowers of the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada, 2001.
  • Mahlberg, Paul G. Wildflowers of Door County : Wisconsin's unique floral preserve : a field guide, 2000.
  • Martin, Laura C. Wildflower folklore, 1984.
  • Sanders, Jack. Hedgemaids and fairy candles : the lives and lore of North American wildflowers, 1993.
  • Sanders, Jack. The secrets of wildflowers, 2003.
  • Vance, F.R. Wildflowers of the northern Great Plains, 1999.
  • Werner, William E. Life and lore of Illinois wildflowers, 1988.
  • Yatskievych, Kay. Field guide to Indiana wildflowers, 2000.

Enjoy these days!

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