Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Snoring Bird

Today’s gathering of Leafing Through the Pages, the book discussion group of the Sterling Morton Library, was a fascinating and insightful discussion of Bernd Heinrich’s The Snoring Bird. Heinrich’s page-turning memoir led to a thoughtful conversation about survival, biology, family dynamics, history, nature vs. nurture and a host of related topics. Heinrich’s frank and compelling tale provided an entry point for the group to explore the intriguing world of the naturalist.

Interested in exploring the writings of Heinrich? Stop by the Library and discover:

  • Bumblebee economics, 1979. QL568.A6 H39
  • In a patch of fireweed, 1984. CT9460.H45 I5
  • One man's owl, 1987. QL696.S8 H45
  • Ravens in winter, 1989. QL696.P2367 H45
  • The hot-blooded insects : strategies and mechanisms of thermoregulation, 1993. QL495 .H38
  • A year in the Maine woods, 1994. F26 .H45
  • The thermal warriors : strategies of insect survival, 1996. QL495 .H39
  • Winter world : the ingenuity of animal survival, 2003. QL753 .H45
  • The geese of Beaver Bog, 2004. QL696.A52 H43
  • Summer world : a season of bounty, 2009. QL753 .H44
Next month, we will temporarily transform ourselves into a film discussion group. With our start time slightly tweaked, we will begin at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 11 with a viewing -- followed by a discussion -- of the film Enchanted April.

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