Friday, September 18, 2009

Articles of note in the Sterling Morton Library : September’s offerings

These are some recent articles that can be found within the journal collection of the Sterling Morton Library. Please visit the Library to discover the incredible botanical and horticultural resources that await you! If you are unable to visit the Library and interested in reviewing one of these articles, I would be delighted to help you at

Elliott, Brent. Changes in the flowering times of garden plants over three centuries. Garden, n.s. v. 8, pt. 3, 154-160.

Analysis of the pocket guides of the 17th- and 18th-century gardeners.

Herkert, James R. and Francis M. Harty. In a place called Illinois : landscape restoration in Illinois. The Illinois Steward, v. 18, no. 2.
Discover these remarkable places and restoration projects:

Martin, Frank Edgerton. Framing the tallgrass prairie. Landscape Architecture, v. 99, no. 9, p. 44-53.
A Missouri farmstead restores native flora.

Meier, C.L., Keyserling K. & Bowman, W.D. Fine root inputs to soil reduce growth of a neighbouring plant via distinct mechanisms dependent on root carbon chemistry. Journal of Ecology, v. 97, no. 5, p. 941-949.

Nelson, Gil. Deciduous native hollies. The American Gardener, v. 88, no. 5, p. 30-34.

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