Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Articles of note in the Sterling Morton Library : April’s offerings

These are some recent articles that can be found within the journal collection of the Sterling Morton Library. Please visit the Library to discover the incredible botanical and horticultural resources that await you! If you are unable to visit the Library and interested in reviewing one of these articles, I would be delighted to help you at rhassert@mortonarb.org.

Albert, Lisa. Native plants for water gardens. The American Gardener, v. 88, no. 2, p. 18-23.

Bonter, David N., Sidney A. Gauthreaux Jr. and Therese M. Donovan. Characteristics of important stopover locations for migrating birds: remote sensing with radar in the Great Lakes Basin. Conservation Biology, v. 23, no. 2, p. 440-448.

Harrington, J.A. and E. Kathol. Responses of shrub midstory and herbaceous layers to managed grazing and fire in a North American savanna (oak woodland) and prairie landscape. Restoration Ecology, v. 17, no. 2, p. 234-244.

Mohan, Jacqueline E., Roger M. Cox, and Louis R. Iverson. Composition and carbon dynamics of forests in northeastern North America in a future, warmer world. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, v. 39, no. 2, p. 213-230.

Schaefer, V. Alien invasions, ecological restoration in cities and the loss of ecological memory. Restoration Ecology, v. 17, no. 2, p. 171-176.

Schmakel, Carla. From gardening to nature illustration : a new appreciation of our environment. Illinois Audubon, no. 308, p. 5-9.

Schulz, Kurt E., Audrey Vaughan, and Emilie Remelius. Physiologically based control of invasive Asiatic shrub honeysuckle. Transactions of the Illinois State Academy of Science, v. 102, no. 1 and 2, p. 21-32.

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