Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Articles of note in the Sterling Morton Library : August/September’s offerings

These are some recent articles that can be found within the journal collection of the Sterling Morton Library. Please visit the Library to discover the incredible botanical and horticultural resources that await you! If you are unable to visit the Library and interested in reviewing one of these articles, I would be delighted to help you at

Arvidson, Adam Regn. Jens Jensen in 2008: how is the master’s legacy holding on in a vastly changed Chicago? Landscape Architecture, v. 98, no. 8, p. 68-76.
This article features the work of Jens Jensen in the Chicagoland community including Columbus Park, Garfield Park and the Becker Estate. Interested in a further exploration of Jensen’s legacy? The Sterling Morton Library has a rich collection of photographs, landscape plans, letters and other items related to this significant landscape architect.

Beahrs, Andrew. The “prairie hens” of Illinois. Living Bird, v. 27, no. 3, p. 22-30.

Dietze, Michael C. and J.S. Clark. Changing the gap dynamics paradigm: vegetative regeneration control on forest response to disturbance. Eclogical Monographs, v. 78, no. 3, p. 331-347.

Isbell, Forest I., David A. Losure, Kathryn A. Yurkonis and Brian J. Wilsey. Diversity–productivity relationships in two ecologically realistic rarity–extinction scenarios. Oikos, v. 117, p. 996-1005.

Lancaster, Roy. China, mother of gardens. Gardens Illustrated, no. 140, p. 68-71.

Lasseigne, F. Todd. Sciadopitys – the other living fossil. Conifer Quarterly, v. 25, no. 3, p. 6-10.

Reich, Peter B., et al. Scaling of respiration to nitrogen in leaves, stems and roots of higher land plants. Ecology Letters, v. 11, no. 8, p. 793-801.

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