Friday, October 26, 2007

Fall color at The Morton Arboretum

I was just perusing the report of the Arboretum’s Color Scout. (Link to the current fall color report by the Arboretum's very own Ed, the Color Scout.) Along with a description and identification of some of the sensational fall colors to be found here at the Arboretum, he also provides a brief explanation of the mechanics of these brilliant colors. Be sure to review his explanation.

In the Sterling Morton Library, there are a number of resources about the garden in autumn. Whether you’re looking for some information on plants to select for superb fall color or wanting to read a little more in-depth about the fascinating process underway, the Library has a host of resources! Ready to go for a walk, crunch some leaves and immerse yourself in the red, yellow, orange, gold, maroon and, yes, green of this autumn? Before you head out for point beyond, stop by the Sterling Morton Library to look at:

  • Fall color and woodland harvests : a guide to the more colorful fall leaves and fruits of the eastern forests by C. Ritchie Bell, Anne H. Lindsey.
  • Autumn leaves : a guide to the fall colors of the northwoods by Ronald M. Lanner.
  • The garden in autumn by Allen Lacy.
  • Sketching outdoors in autumn by Jim Arnosky.
  • When autumn comes by Robert Maass.
  • The bear's autumn by Keizaburo Tejima.
  • Another kind of autumn by Loren Eiseley.
  • Autumn across America : a naturalist's record of a 20,000-mile journey through the North American autumn by Edwin Way Teale.
  • A garden book for autumn and winter by Charles Downing Lay.
  • My garden in autumn and winter by E.A. Bowles.
  • Exploring nature around the year : fall by David Webster.
  • Berried treasure : shrubs for autumn and winter colour in your garden by F. Kingdon-Ward.

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