Friday, August 31, 2007

Articles of note in the Sterling Morton Library : August's offerings

These are some recent articles that can be found within the journal collection of the Sterling Morton Library. Please visit the Library to discover the incredible botanical and horticultural resources that await you! If you are unable to visit the Library and interested in reviewing one of these articles, I would be delighted to help you at

Anulewicz, A. C., D.G. McCullough and D.L. Cappaert. Emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) density and canopy dieback in three North American ash species. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry, v. 33, no. 5, p. 338-349.

Ball, J. S. Mason, A. Kiesz, D. McCormick and C. Brown. Assessing the hazard of emerald ash borer and other exotic stressors to community forests. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry, v. 33, no. 5, p. 350-359.

Bowles, M.L., K.A. Jacobs and J. L. Mengler. Long term changes in an oak forest’s woody understory and herb layer with repeated burning. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society, v. 134, no. 2, p. 223-237.

Kingsbury, N. Brilliant ideas. Garden Illustrated, Issue no. 128, p. 44-49.
Influenced by the plant styles of Germany, the vibrant colors and naturalistic drifts of grasses have made Holbrook Garden in Devon an inspiration for garden-lovers.

McLean, D. D., R.R. Jensen and A.R. Hurd. Seeing the urban forest through the trees: building depth through qualitative research. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry, v. 33, no. 5, p. 304-308.

Steen-Adams, M.M., N. Langston and D.J. Mladenoff. White pine in the northern forests : an ecological and management history of white pine on the Bad River Reservation of Wisconsin. Environmental History, v. 12, no. 3, p. 614-648.

Wright, V. Olmsted iron works. Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes, v. 27, no. 3, p. 217-225.

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