Friday, June 01, 2007

A Symphony of Cicadas!

The 17-year periodical cicada (also known as Magicicada septendecim) has made a grand appearance in the land of 60532 and the surrounding area. Live in a cicada-challenged neighborhood? Visit the Morton Arboretum! Even from within the Sterling Morton Library, I can hear the sounds of the cicadas! Walking at lunch, I discovered a couple of cicada hot spots on the grounds. In the Arboretum’s Northern Illinois Collection, I spotted a hackberry laden with these insects. Standing under that tree, it almost seemed like the earth was pulsating with their sound!
Interested in learning more about this remarkable 17-year visitor? Stop by the Sterling Morton Library to peruse some of our resources on insects and, then, step outside and enjoy this amazing event!

Cicada image from the Arboretum's Plant Health Care Report - 2007.06

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