Friday, April 13, 2007

Climate change and global warming - at a planet near you!

As I was driving (hmmm … instead of walking/biking/carpooling) to the Arboretum this morning, I was musing about yesterday’s discussion of climate change and global warming. The Sterling Morton Library’s book discussion group (a.k.a. Leafing Through the Pages) met to discuss Elizabeth Kolbert’s Field Notes from a Catastrophe : man, nature, and climate change. Our discussion centered on various aspects of global warming including climate change, greenhouse gases, the shrinking ozone layer and our changing environment.
Prowling through the collections of the Library, I found a number of supplementary resources focusing on these topics. Starting points for research within our Library include searching our catalog using subject headings such as Global warming, Climatic changes and Greenhouse effect, Atmospheric. Additionally, within our journal collection there are a number of articles relating to climate change/global warming and the effect on ecosystems, flora and fauna. Be sure to ask a Library staff member for help!

Further resources can also be found at:

As “a light one candle” sort of person, I’ve been mulling over what I can do on a personal level. What is our personal responsibility for our planet? We have a huge appetite for resources/energy as a society. What can we do as an individual or community to make a change/difference? Will it be BAU (business as usual) or can we modify our appetites and levels of use? Some starting points to consider:

Figure out your own annual contribution to greenhouse gas emissions at the EPA Personal Emissions Calculator

What else can I do? Me? I'll think more seriously about alternative forms of transportation. Also, I can use less and be more efficient with what I do use. There are a number of upcoming events offering opportunities to cull items from my garage, basement, car trunk or dining room table that can be recycled or, still better, reused by someone else:
Wheaton Recycling Extravaganza – April 21, 2007
Electronics Recycling – West Chicago – April 21, 2007
Oswego Reuse & Recycling Extravaganza – April 21, 2007
Glen Ellyn Recycling Extravaganza – April 28, 2007
Reduce, reuse and recycle!

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