Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Are visions of a garden filled with hydrangeas, hellebores or hornbeams fluttering through your mind?

Perusing the plants available from The Morton Arboretum’s Members’ Advanced Plant Sale, you’ll see a host of dazzling trees, shrubs, vines, ferns and perennials available to members by advance order. Plants will be available for pickup on April 27 or 28. The list includes the heart-leaved hornbeam, blushing bride big-leaved hydrangea and the red lady garden hellebore. Whew! What a selection! Once you review this year’s offerings, I encourage you to visit the Sterling Morton Library to examine some of our resources that will help you make your plant selections and incorporate these plants into your landscape. Resources that you might want to examine include:

Armitage, Allan. Armitage's manual of annuals, biennials, and half-hardy perennials.
Dirr, Michael. Hydrangeas for American gardens.
Dirr, Michael. Dirr's Hardy trees and shrubs : an illustrated encyclopedia.
Dirr, Michael. Manual of woody landscape plants : their identification, ornamental characteristics, culture, propagation and uses.
Dirr, Michael. The interactive manual and photo-library of woody landscape plants.
DiSabato-Aust, Tracy. The well-designed mixed garden : building beds and borders with trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and bulbs.
DiSabato-Aust, Tracy. The well-tended perennial garden : planting & pruning techniques.

Duthie, Pam. Continuous color : a month-by-month guide to shrubs and small trees for the continuous bloom garden.
Flint, Harrison. Landscape plants for eastern North America : exclusive of Florida and the immediate Gulf Coast.
Haggard, Ezra. Trees, shrubs, and roses for midwest gardens.

In addition to these works, we have a number of other resources that will help you make your plant selections. Visit the Sterling Morton Library today!

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