Thursday, November 16, 2006

Plant Societies and Associations, or, the company you keep!

I was just corresponding with someone from the International Oak Society and I started musing about the concept of plant societies. Plant societies and associations come is all shapes and sizes. Some of these groups focus on specific plants such as oaks, maples or hostas and other groups are interested in related plants such as conifers or perennials. Still other societies are interested in plants from certain habitats like alpines, aquatics or native plants and, then, there are the societies that focus on gardening in a specific geographic region. The Sterling Morton Library is a member and receives publications from a number of different plant societies and associations. Beyond their fascinating newsletters and journals, these special interest groups host tours, exchange plants or seeds, present conferences and offer other educational activities to encourage and share their knowledge and passion for plants. What a terrific learning opportunity! Are you passionate about a certain plant or group of plants? Consider stopping by the Sterling Morton Library to explore our collection of plant society publications. For further information about selected plant societies, visit:

For a more extensive list, look at the recently updated Guide to Plant Societies and Associations from the Iowa State University Extension.

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