Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is there an aspiring apiarist in the house?

In preparation for the next swarming of Leafing Through the Pages, the Sterling Morton Library’s book discussion group on Thursday, September 14th to discuss Tammy Horn’s Bees in America : how the honey bee shaped a nation, I’ve found some resources of interest for all budding apiarists!

A smattering of bee resources found in the Sterling Morton Library:
  • Letters from the hive : an intimate history of bees, honey, and humankind by Stephen L Buchmann - SF523.B83
  • Sweetness & light : the mysterious history of the honeybee by Hattie Ellis - QL568.A6 E68
  • The bee genera of North and Central America (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) by Charles Duncan Michener - QL568.A6M5
  • The clover and the bee : a book of pollination by Anne Ophelia Todd Dowden - J QK926 .D68
  • Bees, beekeeping, honey, and pollination by Walter L. Gojmerac - SF523.G64
  • America's master of bee culture : the life of L. L. Langstroth by Florence Naile - CT9460.L35N3
Websites of note:
The Hive and the Honey - The Phillips' Beekeeping Collection at Cornell's Albert R. Mann Library is one of the largest and most complete apiculture libraries in the world. This site contains the full text of thirty rare books from the Phillips Collection with each book fully
searchable. Take time to browse this site!

Enter the Hive
Explore the structure of a bee hive at this site. As bees fly across the screen you can read information on pollination, developing larva, storing honey, and the hive.

Urban Bee Gardens
This site features a collection of articles about bees and urban gardens, including background on bees, designing a bee-friendly garden, where bees nest in the city, and observation of bees. Includes an extensive list of plants attractive to bees and background about research at the Urban Bee Project, University of California, Berkeley.

Bee Culture: The Magazine of American Beekeeping
This journal carries many of the articles in the print version and addresses issues of particular interest to beekeepers, such as "Managing Brood Diseases" and "Selling Honey Successfully." Archived issues from June 1996 to present are browsable and searchable.

Carl Hayden Bee Research Center
USDA Research Center located at the University of Arizona

This site provides research papers and educational materials related to this center's studies of the use of honeybees for crop pollination, Africanization of European honeybees, and varroa mites. Features a pollination handbook, honeybee atlas, an image gallery, games and activities (such as making wax candles), safety information, and related materials.

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