Thursday, August 03, 2006

Think outside the pond!

Studying some of the beautiful containers at the Arboretum, I’ve been admiring the wonderful non-traditional plants that can be found growing in them. Interestingly, several of the containers are actually water gardens containing water lilies, papyrus and other assorted aquatic plants! Wondering about creating your own water garden in a container? These resources, conveniently found in the Sterling Morton Library, would be a terrific introduction:
  • A potted aquatic by Wayne Winterrowd in Horticulture, June/July 2006, v. 103, issue 5, p. 42-47.
  • No pond? No problem by Greg Speichert in Fine Gardening, July/August 2005, issue 104, p. 38-41.
  • Water gardens in small containers by Scott D. Appell found in The Potted Garden, p. 32-39. [SB418.P68]
  • Water gardens for containers by Kevin Doyle in Horticulture, January 1998, v. 95, issue 1, p. 48-49.
  • The container garden by Thomasina Tarling [SB418.T37]
  • Gardening in containers [SB418.G37]
  • Water gardening [SB423.T65]
  • Water features for small gardens by Ethan Clarke [SB423.C59]
  • Water gardens : how to design, install, plant, and maintain a home water garden by Jacqueline Heriteau [SB423.H45]
Think outside the pond and create your own water garden!

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