Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Shameless promotion of the May T. Watts Reading Garden

Whew! This time of the year, most of us are feeling pulled in lots of different directions. If you feel like taking a break, saunter out into the May T. Watts Reading Garden adjacent to the Sterling Morton Library. As I craft this message, the double and single bloodroots, Sargent’s cherry and anemones are all in full glorious bloom. Not to be left behind, the Dutchman's breeches and Virginia bluebells are just starting to bloom. Even the espaliered ginkgo and dawn redwood are beginning to push out their leaves. Over the coming months, you're welcomed and encouraged to visit this garden and even spend some of your reading time in it. Named in honor of May Watts, noted educator, author* and artist, this garden is the perfect horticultural escape!

*If time permits for a bibliographical escape, be sure to peruse some of the resources by Watts in the Library’s collection including Reading the Landscape and Reading the Landscape of Europe.

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