Saturday, March 04, 2006

The days are getting longer!

The days are getting longer! The witchhazel along the Ground cover path is in bloom! And the crocuses in the Reading Garden are tantalizingly close to opening! All of these signs and signals can turn a person's mind to gardening! Have your received many nursery catalogs this season? Check the collection of current nursery catalogs that can be found in the Sterling Morton Library. Liz, one of our wonderful Library volunteers, has been actively requesting and organizing new and interesting catalogs for our collection. (As I’ve been crafting this message, a gentleman just came into the Library looking for some catalogs that specialize in conifers. Three cheers for Liz and the collection!) There are also several finding aids to help you locate a specific plant within this collection of catalogs.

Interested in reviews/opinions/other gardeners’ experiences with various nurseries? Look at the Garden Watchdog Guide to Gardening by Mail for further information.

What's one or two of your favorite nursery catalogs/websites to swoon over?

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